• Successfully defended a client who faced life in prison as a result of a federal criminal matter.  Following a jury trial that lasted nearly a month, the client was acquitted of all contested counts and has since been released from custody.
  • Thoroughly investigated 2 counts of rape and as a result was able to reach a non-criminal plea bargain that resulted in a plea to disorderly conduct, no jail and a fine.
  • Investigated allegations of attempted murder and presented evidence to the police which helped them conclude that the client was not involved in the incident.  No Charges filed against the client.
  • Not Guilty Verdict following a  Jury trial for Criminal Possession of a weapon.  The client faced 15 years in prison if he had been convicted.
  • DWI charges dismissed following refusal hearing.
  • Criminal Trespass charges dismissed after establishing lack of probable cause.
  • Not guilty verdict following jury trial for criminal contempt and resisting arrest. Despite the prosecution calling a judge, court clerk, several court officers and an assistant district attorney as witnesses against the client.
  • Probation for a client alleged to have possessed Class A felony narcotics with a pending Violation of Probation for another Class A felony narcotics case. 
  • Not guilty verdict following an approximately month long jury trial where SWAT team used pepper spray grenades against client and shot and killed his 3 dogs.  Client was charged with assaulting police and causing the deaths of the dogs.
  • Dismissal of DWI charges following investigation of the case and submission of results to the DA.
  • Dismissal of Gun and Weapons charges in a multiple count indictment, resulting in only a traffic ticket remaining.

  • Investigated two allegations of rape against a client.   Upon presentation of witnesses and evidence to the prosecution, no charges were filed.
  • Client released on his own recognizance and charges dismissed upon a motion in a case where the client was charged with criminal possession of guns and drugs.
  • Charges of domestic abuse dismissed on the day of arraignment after presentation of evidence to the prosecution.   
  • Negotiated interim probation and ultimately a misdemeanor in an attempted home invasion case.
  • Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal after client was charged with Felony Criminal Mischief for allegedly causing over $8,000.00 in property damage.
  • Reduction of Felony Drug Possession reduced to Disorderly Conduct on second court appearance.

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